Bedrock character & skills one child at a time

A distinctly Christian infant-8th grade school in Hampden, Baltimore

Bedrock character & skills one child at a time

A distinctly Christian infant-8th grade school in Hampden, Baltimore

Small, Safe, and Supportive

Strong Academics

Bedrock Character & 21st-Century Skills

Character + 21st-century Skills = Flourishing!

You want your kids to be equipped to flourish in the present and in the future, a future in an uncertain and rapidly-changing world. At Hampden Christian School, we offer a character-and-skills-focused education in a safe and supportive environment. We are committed to developing enduring character qualities and key 21st-century competencies that will prepare your student for success in whatever world they will find themselves in.

You are deeply concerned about your child’s academic success, and your greatest desire is to see them flourish as they learn to love God and serve their neighbors. Your children are your treasure and ours as we partner to bring them up well.


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Build foundations for flourishing.

We are your neighbors in Baltimore and Hampden, and we know what raising a family in this community is like. With decades of collective educational experience, we bring committed, dedicated, and faithful teachers who are thoroughly trustworthy. We are a Mennonite school where all faiths are welcome, and we teach traditional values that families love.

Meet with our principal to discuss your child’s educational success. Fret less about your child’s future as you join us to build foundations for flourishing.

Why Families Choose Hampden Christian

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Small, Safe, and Supportive

HCS is small on purpose. The small school culture allows every member of our community to be known, loved, and cared for.

Safety at HCS is more than our locked campus and video monitoring. Safety is a result of supportive teachers who are tuned in to each child in their small classes. Kids will be kids; conflict and accidents happen, but our teachers help kids work through these challenges. Our teachers keep you informed about how your child is doing. You can rest assured that your child is supported in this small and loving environment.

Strong Academics

Giving your child a foundation for flourishing includes a solid academic program. Our language arts, science, and history program are literature-based, meaning children mostly experience these subjects through real books, not textbooks. Our kids enjoy frequent happy experiences with books. As one parent commented, our “passionate approach to reading” has resulted in his reading-hating daughter now loving to read.

Our Saxon math program results in kids with a strong conceptual grasp of mathematics. Our 8th graders typically complete Algebra I, putting them a step ahead for high school mathematics.

Bedrock Character and 21st-Century Skills

At HCS, our students flourish as they grow in character and develop essential 21st– century skills. The character and attributes we build will help kids flourish in an uncertain world. HCS kids are responsible, respectful, and curious. 

The 21st-century world is rapidly changing and uncertain. Mainstay jobs can no longer be counted on. We prepare your child for an uncertain future by nurturing adaptability, a growth mindset, and skills for working well with others.

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Watch your student flourish as they gain bedrock character and 21st-century skills

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Darrell Hershberger, Principal of Hampden Christian School

Meet Our Principal

Darrell Hershberger grew up in Stuarts Draft, Virginia. He earned a BS in elementary education from Liberty University.  He also studied at Faith Builders Educational Programs in northwestern Pennsylvania. 

Darrell has 15 years of experience in teaching and educational leadership and is passionate about the potential of Christian education to develop people who love God and are equipped to serve their neighbors. 

Darrell lives in Hampden on 33rd Street with his wife Alison and five children: Elijah, William, Mathias, Claudia, and Angelo. The Hershbergers are members at Hampden Mennonite Church.