K-8th Grade Overview

Prepared for High School & Beyond

Graduates of our school have no trouble attending the local high school of their choice. Recent alumni have attended Baltimore Polytechnic and Redeemer Classical.

Our passionate focus is to grow students of strong character who love God.  To understand how we disciple students into people of character, see our Character Formation page. See our Philosophy to get a brief overview of our academic approach. Our K-3 and 4-8 core academics pages detail our approach to the subjects in these grade levels. The experiences page gives an overview of out-of-classroom experiences. 

Elementary/middle school hours

  • Normal day: 8:15 – 3:00
  • Before care: 7:00 – 8:15
  • Aftercare: 3:00 – 5:30

Academic Philosophy

At Hampden Christian School, we are growing flourishing children who love God. We are building bedrock character and 21st-century skills. 

Here is a sampling of our educational philosophy with credits to the people and movements that have shaped us.

Children benefit from beautiful, prepared spaces that lead them toward self-directed learning.

  • Children are born persons to be respected and nourished, not manipulated.
  • We provide a feast of ideas for children, especially in the form of real, living books.
  • Character and habits are valuable.
  • Don’t assign too much homework.
  • Free play is essential for children’s development.

We build virtue and humanity through interaction with the classics

Character, responsibility, and respect are expected and modeled by teachers of character.

The 21st century is a Volatile, Uncertain, Changing, and Ambiguous place. Mainstay jobs are vanishing. We prepare children best by building into them the character qualities and skills that will allow them to adapt, grow, and work with others

Children learn their most memorable lessons through hands-on, self-directed, and collaborative projects.

The main outcome of a successful education is love for God and service to others.