Kindergarteners are bundles of curiosity, creativity, enterprise, and imagination, poised for academic, social, and moral growth.

Hampden Christian School’s task is to treasure and nurture these capacities, fostering independence and guiding students toward strong character, a love for God, and an appreciation for his truth while creating a strong foundation for future academic success. Kindergarten is a year of transition as the children leave preschool behind and prepare for a life of learning.

Kindergarteners at Hampden Christian School develop through teacher-directed instruction, hands-on activities, and center-based learning. They initiate dramatic play, develop fine and gross motor skills, jump rope, run, climb, learn to work together, make friends, create, discover, experiment, sing, laugh, experience nature, journal, enjoy books, count, and learn to read all while developing exemplary character.

Our subjects at this age include Bible, Phonics, Handwriting, Vocabulary, Math, Science, History/Geography, Art, Music, and Physical Education. For our unique approach to these subjects, see the Grades K-3 section.

The daily routine includes multiple circle times, guided seat work, centers, snack, quiet time, and three recesses.

Our classroom character rules are

  1. Respect myself and others.
  2. Obey all teachers.
  3. Use appropriate words to solve problems.

We have high expectations for our students, and our teachers model the character we envision. In this safe and supportive environment, students make incredible gains in their maturity and character during their year in kindergarten.

Kindergarten Schedule

8:30-8:50 Arrival/Morning Activity
8:50-9:15 Bible
9:15-10:25 Phonics/Phonemic Awareness/Handwriting/Journal/Wordly Wise/Phonics Center 
!0:25 Restroom break with 1st and 2nd
10:30-10:50 Recess
10:50-11:55 Math Meeting/Math/Math Center
11:55 Restroom break with 1st and 2nd
12:00-12:15 Lunch
12:15-12:30 Recess
12:30-12:45ish Read Aloud
12:45-1:30 Quiet Time (Book Time, Friday quiet time activity)
1:30-1:55 Library/Art/Music/Science&History
1:55 Restroom break with 1st and 2nd
2:00-2:30 Recess
2:30-3:05 Centers (M,W,Th)/Show & Tell (T)/Cleaning(F)
3:05-3:15 Pack Up/Dismiss